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Managing Your Cash Is The First Step To:


Let's have a conversation about guaranteeing profits,
increased cashflow and decreasing taxes.

1. What if, rather than you serving your business, your business served you?


2. What if you could turn a profit from your very next deposit?


3. And what if you had the power to guarantee that profitability?


All of the above is easier than you think, once you discover the secrets of the profit mentality.

You need more than a historian who just hands you beautiful financial statements about the past but does not provide any insight or recommendations for future profits, cashflow and tax reduction.


You will love having a financial coach that will take an active role in the growth of your business, profits, while developing tax reduction strategies. 

We are a CPA Accounting firm located in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area. However through our virtual office we are able to service all of the United States.

Lenard Myers CPA will show you how to increase your profits and cashflow, while decreasing your tax liability.  We coach our clients to start with a profit mentality.

You will discover how to set up your business with guaranteed profits. No longer will you run your business with profits being what is leftover, if any.

You are in business to make money, and better your family lifestyle, right?

Click button, and let's have a conversation about guaranteeing profits, increased cashflow and decreasing taxes.


Why You Need a financial coach?

  • Initial Review of financial statements & Tax Returns

    2 hr

    Prices Vary

Lenard Myers, CPA

By Appointment Only

Virtual Office, USA


Tel: 757-582-8177

Fax: 877-257-3212

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