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Passionate About Creating Guaranteed Profits For Clients!

Are you looking for an advisor you can trust? I understand your concerns about cash flow, sales and retirement. Are you tired of losing money and just want someone you can trust. Look no further! My mission is to provide solutions that will eliminate losses while maximizing earnings. I provide solutions that will grow your business and increase your cashflow. 

  • I'm a Certified Public Accountant;

  • a Retirement and Cashflow specialist;

  • a licensed insurance agent.

  • Corporate and individual tax preparer.

  • I am recognized nationally as one of the top 60 "accounting heroes" by the AICPA in a survey of 320,000 CPAs;

  • recognized by U.S. Dept of Commerce, MBDA as the best consultant in the Mid-Atlantic Area;

  • recipient of Virginia Senate resolution for small business development;

  • an author, public speaker, etc.